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A Report on Work At Home Based Businesses…

 Discover how YOU can
Triple Your Income

In Your Home Based Business…

Or Anything Else You Want TO Do (Or Accomplish)

At no risk … With No Extra Work!

…And No Additional Investment!


Discover how you can crank up your own personal secret partner who helps your home-based business— Cash in on these wealth building secrets 24 hours a day! Every Day!

   We want to show you how to increase your prosperity by 300% without working any harder.




“We Found our own Secret Partner To Silently Work On Our Home Business for us 24 Hours A Day— 7 Days A Week! And… Best of all - He’s Free!”

Taylore Vance and Roi Halse


From: Taylore Vance and Roi Halse


Dear Home Business Owner,

If you’re looking for a way to get more money from your home business or job you should read every word of this report. The few minutes it takes to look over this report …could save you years of hard work.

Yes, we’ve found a very simple, but powerful way to connect with a special division of the subconscious mind—the powerhouse of manifestation (We call this our secret partner.)

We learned how to “work” from our home business even while we sleep. Our partner works for us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It helps us become rich… and even in ways never even dreamed of such as, having more free time, unexpected benefits showing up, and even putting excitement back into our personal relationship.

As a matter of fact! We've gone from a very small income (having to live in the woods) to owning a tree farm including home and buildings worth over $500,000!

So, if we can do it, we believe you can too. If you want to know how continue reading to learn just how we did it ...

We discovered a special word combination (2 simple words) that helped our secret partner work with us and created new lives for us overflowing with the wealth, success, money, vacation time, and with the kind of associates that most people want to enrich their lives, too.

We spent several years fine-tuning the process of using these special words along with the rest of the wealth prosperity process.

These words and the prosperity process work like magic.

How to Triple Your Income Just By Knowing 2 Simple Words

WARNING: If you quickly bounce around this page and do not give it a fair review you will surf right past the most well oiled, finely-tuned, proven wealth system for attracting insane amounts of money available to you.

We have made it extremely easy for YOU to get all the information

Yes, Roi and I’ve read most of the business building books out there and…

This simple secret has never discussed by others.

We believe it is time to be released to the general public.

Have you ever been stuck in a dead end job with no opportunity for advancement?

Well many have been there at one time or another. It can be very frustrating.

Many students in our success seminars have put these secrets into practice with amazing results.

See what happened to this student in a dead-end job. Billy's financial well-being improved in just a few short weeks after implementing the wealth secrets he purchased from us.

Billy W., a western Washington dairy farm hand, had been only earning minimum wage for 17 years with no possibility for a raise in sight. He was several years behind the eight ball in debt and was even about to lose his small home because of unpaid property taxes. Fifty-two days after applying our system—out of the blue— he mysteriously was offered a partnership with the dairy farm owner. He’s not only out of debt but now has found a wonderful lady friend who likes the same things he likes. Billy smiles all the way to the bank. His account grew by $4,470 last month!

Before we continue, may we share a little bit about us and our history?

My name is Taylore Vance. About 14 years ago my husband, Roi, and I started trying almost every work at home business we found - We tried mail order, MLM, network marketing, direct sales and tried most of the make money offers we received in the mail.

We worked hard. and nothing seemed to work like they said it would. We lost quite q bit of our money printing and mailing flyers, etc. (We're embarrassed to tell you exactly how much.)

I bet you know what I mean? Testing home businesses can be expensive!

This constant dollar drain went on for about 10 years until we were completely broke and completely stupid. We were so broke that we lived in the woods in an old RV, but that's another story

Everything Was A Blessing In Disguise – Even Our Losses! (We tried telling that to the bank...)

The important part was—because of our financial loses, frustrations and feelings of hopelessness we were forced to rely on not the visible - but non-visible means to pull us out of a deep physical, financial, and emotional depression.

Fortunately or unfortunately we continually learned more from our hardships and losses than our successes! We've often felt frustrated by life's harsh lessons and knew...our success should be just seconds away...we could almost taste it.

As a matter of fact we didn't see it then but...we were blessed by our losses. We were forced to turn to inner means of attracting wealth.

When there is no other way to go…when all external doors were slammed closed…it became obvious for us to look within…to listen to our intuition from a higher source help…we were given insight and a specific success formula!

You may not believe in a higher source. Belief is not required or necessary. It doesn't matter - there is one. Remember years ago people believed the Earth was flat. The Earth just kept on rotating on its axis in spite of their beliefs.

By looking within we discovered the word combination that gave our secret partner the correct input for our success. We also learned exactly when and how and why to use them to increase our prosperity.

You have the ability to do this also…

Some frequently asked questions:

Question: How do you know so much about home businesses?

Answer: Both our parents were in business - both Roi and I started learning very young. We've spent 10 years experimenting with this secret partner. We came from almost zero to owning a $500,000 ranch without a job - just using our home based weekend business and growing it every year.

Question: Just what is your home business?

We started with $500 worth of aluminum and made blowpipes. We built, demonstrated, and sold blowguns at flea markets, and gun shows for two to three weekends a month. Our secret partner saw to it that we received even more than our share of customers. Our business grew to an inventory of $30,000 in varied merchandise and from one 8-foot table to eleven tables packed with our products and goodies. . You can succeed with any home business you wish using the same techniques we are sharing.

Question: If these secrets are so great why are you sharing them?

Answer: We felt the secrets we're sharing have been hidden - too long. We believe it's time to share with those who've been working hard, and getting nowhere and their results have not been that great. These wealth secrets will help catapult your success to the next level!

Discover how people who have money...consistently attract even more money …While the rest of the population struggles and most actually fail at their home business!

Now YOU Can Benefit From Our Mistakes

When we found these two secret words and started using them...things we had hoped for started to become reality.

And now YOU, too, can learn to implement these words to achieve the success you want.

v     Learn how to control what goes on in the mind that effects your wealth and how you relate to it.

v     Learn why all business transactions should be Win-Win!

v     Learn the universal secret behind “the more we give others the more we are given” …and how it can explode your business.

"Help enough people get what they want, and YOU will get what you want in return." ... Zig Ziglar

Why would you wait any longer for the success you've always deserved?

Check Out What These Happy Users Have To Say…

The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about our E-book “How to Triple Your Home Based Income”

Work at Home, Triple Your Income Here’s what business consultant - Judith Schwader says:

“This E-Book is priceless information. Taylore and Roi are sharing the same exact information that took them from zero to $500,000 where they now live in their own home-ranch in western Washington...all without a job. I’ve been to their place several times and it’s everything they say.

“They not only have lived job-free but their large home based business is thriving even when the economy is slow.

“You’d be nuts not to take a risk free look at what is offered.”

It’s certainly made a difference in my life.

Judith Schwader

Lyle, WA

Triple Your Home Based Business Income I’m from a family of entertainers —Sword Swallowing, Fire Eating —and more.

Taylor and Roi have resolved the true process of manifestation into a series of simple steps that everyone is capable of achieving! Anyone who is struggling in life, for instance most teenagers, would greatly benefit from their e-course.

Though I have tried many approaches toward this in my 50 plus years, this course includes simple steps that have eluded the others and most importantly it works, not just in finances, but also happiness in all aspects of life. You owe yourself this freedom. If you two hadn’t explained how it works I’d think it was magic.

Moz Wright

Portland, Oregon


The Universe Is An Abundant Place

…And We All Can Have An Abundant Life

As you absorb every word of this report you will begin to discover how to embrace this new and easier way of attracting even more money. The abundance is already waiting for you…

Imagine the possibilities

  • your home business starts to literality take off by itself

  • deals start going your way, money flows 24 hours a day into your bank account

  • your efforts are finally bringing the results you’ve dreamed of

  • sales rise while you sleep

  • profit goes up even faster with the convenience of you working from your home

  • support appears seemingly out of thin air to help you

  • money accumulates faster than you can spend it

  • even your personal life is better than ever—you radiate success

  • you have more free time! Time to take your family on that much desired vacation

When you automatically incorporate the two secret words into your thoughts and self-talk...your total success is no longer out of reach.

If your life and business are all ready going great guns…you’ve been blessed…you’re a natural winner…STOP reading! Go out and enjoy the abundance you already have.

But if you work hard every day and are barely making it, you need to keep reading this report and find out how to immediately get the help you need.

A 300% Increase Is Yours With No Extra Work!

The secret words, which can cause you to triple your home business, are really two normal words…when you use them in special combinations…you unleash hidden natural laws that work in your favor!

This wealth system is guaranteed to work with all parts of your life, and is ready for immediate use. You can have it working for you in the next fifteen minutes!


Here’s Just A Taste Of Some Of The Things You'll Learn…

Ø           The single most important thing, you must do before you can achieve success beyond your wildest dreams is explained in Chapter One. No matter if you are self-employed or work for others, this component is necessary to learn or you’ll never get beyond struggle.

Ø           You are shown a revealing way to bypass family dogmas that lock us into reoccurring patterns of hoarding, a belief in scarcity, and feelings of not enough wealth to go around. In Chapter Two you are taught how to go beyond your parent’s limiting blueprint for acquiring wealth.

Ø           Learn how only 17 seconds can turn on the steam in your home based business. A manufacturer makes his leather motorcycle gloves outsell the competition 3 to 1 at expos. When you learn how he does this, you, too, can multiply your profits. There’s no need to be a trailblazer. Just follow some simple steps to success as outlined in Chapter Six.

Ø           Because of the nature of these laws they will repel your desires when you do not use them correctly. That’s why visualization and positive affirmations alone seldom work. You’ll learn what must be added to instantly manifest results.

Ø           How you can utilize what one home business owner did in the middle of a transaction that was going bad. Many times a person is looking at the problem and can’t get beyond that. Focusing on the problem just gives the problem more energy. You’ll learn how to quickly move past that stalemate…. And into a win-win solution. See this example in Chapter Eight.

Ø           Discover how a small engine mechanic in Little Rock, Arkansas, turned his home business around—from a disaster to thriving. Before he had 30 repair jobs that people would not pick up or pay. Now his shop is running smoothly and he has a waiting list for new jobs. You’ll learn a simple way to change your results and it can be applied to any profession or employment. It’s a simple wealth process… you can easily unlock your potential, too. See Chapter Three.

Ø           How to create the life you want. Live your dream by taking a few simple steps. Proven to turn on the Law of Attraction in your favor… and the sky is not the limit. See Chapter Five.

Ø           You’ll learn how to Start Working Instantly with your secret partner, getting the type of help that only multimillionaires have experienced up to now. Learn the two secret words in Chapter Four that turn on the avalanche of wealth.

Ø           Discover three ways the wealth process helps you say goodbye to poverty consciousness forever! In Chapter One, you’ll learn An exercise to control the mind, and stop those damaging thoughts of defeat.

Ø           You’ll discover other word combinations that enhance the effects of the two secret words throughout this E-book.



Note: The Natural Laws of the Universe are neutral

As you may already know the Universe is will bring you instant wealth, but if not used correctly …it could increase your poverty.

Follow a proven path to avoid this pitfall:

In Chapter Six we tell you about a woman in Panama who was trying to get $10,000 BUT 30 days later, she had a reverse manifestation and lost $10,000!

We’ll tell you how and why she lost the money, and show you how to avoid pitfalls like that!

Many scientific studies have already proven these natural laws. They work for or against you 24 hours a day depending on your input.

You can learn how to ALWAYS attract what YOU want!

The Law Of Attraction Has Always Been Used By

The Wealthy To Accumulate Even More Money

With the two secret words the power of the natural laws work FOR you—100%!

It doesn’t matter who you are…male or female…place of origin…education… religion…social status…age…sex…race…or current outlook on life.

Putting these secret word combinations to work has been proven to activate your success code and increase your income in business up to 300% and more!

Remember as we said before…we’re giving you ten years of trial and error experience so you won’t have to spend any of your own time learning how it works. We have shortened the learning curve for YOU!

  • YOU can instantly put the two words to work along with the rest of the wealth process.

  • Experience up to 300% increase in anything you do with no extra work!

  • No extra business investment needed! (Just get the 100% no risk E-book!)


Imagine Having A Special

Division Of The Subconscious Mind

To ALWAYS Work In Your Favor

Stop and picture what life would be like if you had been taught about these laws in grade school and were controlling them ever since.

You could have had your silent partner happily working for you years ago. It’s takes 57 minutes to fix this gap in your education. We’re not talking about a temporary patch-up.

It is a lasting fix.

These same methods will bring you an increase in whatever benefits you focus on… better job… new home…more time with your family…more time to travel… financial security…money.

And emotional benefits such as

·        Freedom from companies downsizing, or out-sourcing to other countries

·        Happiness because… you keep your own hours

·        Security of being your own boss and earning money easier than you thought possible

·        Better health because you’re no longer all stressed out

·        Longevity begins with releasing stress about providing for your family

·        Fulfilling relationships can be even better

·        Spiritual enlightenment comes once your minor goals are accomplished


Formal Education Is Not The Problem

Are you formally educated? Congratulations… You know how to stick with a project until completed. And this proves that you are highly teachable.

No education? No problem…it’s not a requirement to have any education at all to use the natural laws of the Universe...this special division of your subconscious mind is a powerhouse for realizing your dreams when activated with the two secret words.

The natural laws governing prosperity aren’t even taught in schools. Your teachers probably don’t know such laws exist.

If your teachers did know …you’d already be a millionaire.

You’ll have full use of all of the Laws Of Prosperity and will always be able to come from a position of power through their use instead of coming from lack.

It has been proven that when a person comes from lack—they get even more lack. That’s using the Law of Attraction in a reverse mode.

You get what you are noticing... For example—you get exactly what you are focusing your attention on. I bet you’ve noticed this, too!

If you’re looking at your problems—these laws mirror back to you a continuation of troubles. The two secret words will solve this universal problem. You never have to come from lack again… as explained in Chapter Four.

Effortless success can be yours forever. To learn all about this secret partner—keep reading the report and download the complete e-book in a few minutes. It’s almost priceless… the cost of one hamburger meal a week for 3 weeks

What a legacy to be able to teach your children and grand children just like the really wealthy do. Your family can never again revert to poverty!

Those Who Are Using The Two Secret Words Are Living A Gifted Life…


Triple Your Income for Your Home Based Business These are some of the great universal principles! Laws that govern how much money we are able to attract, how much love, how much joy we are able to consciously create in our lives. I am grateful Taylore and Roi are in my life using and teaching these principles. Every day I have the privilege of watching people’s lives improve and watch them get healthier, happier, wealthier and wiser.

Rebecca Paulin
Real Estate agent

Triple Your Income, Work At HomeIt’s amazing that such a small change in the way I think about money issues would triple my business. Actually I believe it’s going to do better than you said. I’m looking forward to putting the rest of the course into practice.

Bill Uhl

Senior Instructor – Off Road Vehicles – motorcycles, ATV, dirt bikes, snowmobiles

Home Based Business, Triple Your Income Roi and Taylore are caring, sharing people who walk their talk. They are helping many people with chronic problems heal their bodies and their financial outlook on life. As if that isn't enough, they have shared their insider strategies with healers of all types. If you want more out of life, their insights are worth checking out for yourself!

Doris Helge, Ph.D., Author, Joy on the Job and Transforming Pain Into Power 

Work at Home, Triple Your IncomeTaylore and Roi’s Success and Wealth e-Book is FILLED with gems of life mastery and has shown me keys to unlocking my highest potential on all dimensions.  They are the most loving and caring teachers I've found and are true CREATORS of new business solutions.

Joy Rae Freeman, Spiritual Warrior

Healer-Writer-Radio Producer, Workshops & Retreats


Two Powerful Words Plus The Wealth Process Can

Change Your Luck to Outrageous Success!


How to triple your Home Based Income 2 Keys to Success





You can Start Using The Secret Words And Working With Your Secret Partner Within The Next Few Minutes…


You’ll have your very own secret partner silently and powerfully working for you 24 hours a day… And ITS labor is free!



So What’s It Going To Cost Me?


We were told our powerful e-book “How to Triple Your Home Based Income” was an easy $97 value, but we explained that we want to spread these secrets worldwide as fast as possible. They said it would be a steal at $49 but we wanted it to get into the ones who really need it fast and decided this whole bundle of wealth secrets could be yours… for just $27.

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FREE Bonuses

With your purchase of the “How to Triple Your Home Based Income”

E-book, you will receive these powerful bonuses free if you order by midnight… tonight!!


Bonus #1 "The Master Key System" A downloadable 175 page book –

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This fascinating course from 1912 holds the key to attracting the wealth, power and lifestyle you only dream about  but is available to anyone who knows the secrets. The vital secrets buried for nearly a century.

Everything you touch turns to gold. Your business ventures are just wildly profitable. Each investment made brings stellar returns. Rare opportunities are drawn to you like a magnet. Can you imagine a charmed life like this?

It is now possible to go from scarcity to abundance in your life if you only follow a few simple laws of wealth. Laws that were laid down in the early part of the twentieth century. Laws that have remained hidden - known only to the very wealthy and well connected. But now are available to those with the desire and courage to make them their own.

This course in true wealth was first published in 1912 and gained popularity during the early part of the 20th century. It's high cost kept this profound information out of the hands of most people. A hefty $1,500 price tag in 1920 meant it was only available to the privileged few. It became popular among the European elite and the captains of industry in America.

In recent years it has had a renaissance among the new titans of industry in Silicon Valley. Its rare out-of-print condition has again kept out it of the hands of the average person - until now.

Some of the laws you'll master:
Law of Attraction Law of Compensation
Law of Vibration Law of Abundance
Law of Love Law of Health
Law of Growth Law of Success

In 1920 it sold for $1500


Bonus #2 "Guaranteed Success Thinking!"...Jim Edwards, famous Internet marketer who’s made several million dollars, says, “This Is My Most Important e-Book EVER! My latest e-book is entitled "Guaranteed Success Thinking!"... and it will change your life (if you let it).”

That's right... I'm giving you a complimentary copy of Jim’s latest e-book - a complete MP3 recording of it. In this incredible audio e-book:

·         Discover the secrets to "thinking" your way straight to success...

·         How to instantly change your day-to-day reality into a DREAM LIFE...

·         Exactly HOW to get on the path to whatever you want in life -- NOW...

·         Learn the SECRETS of "Guaranteed Success Thinking"... —Yours to keep forever.

... and MUCH more       Value $49


Bonus #3 - “How To Start An Internet Home Business Guide-FTS

All the steps in getting a domain name, about hosting your site, web-based products to sell, accepting payments, and much more. A total of 63 pages. ItsYours to keep forever.

                                                                                             Value $87


Bonus #4 “Reduce Stress At Work!” A small downloadable report by Dr. Doris Helge, Author, Joy on the Job and Transforming Pain Into Power.

Value $12

Yes Taylore, I want to get the two special words and learn how to engage my secret partner and have It working for me 24 hours a day. I want the secrets and techniques you uncover in “How to Triple Your Home Based Income”


I also want to guarantee that I get the four bonuses totally free by ordering today,


I realize that if I don’t take this offer right now the price may increase and the bonuses may get withdrawn so I want to place my order right now through a secure server and receive instant instruction on how to download “How to Triple Your Home Based Income” along with the bonuses.

Triple Your Home Based Income

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No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee!



Study and apply the wealth system for 90 days at OUR RISK, not yours. If for any reason you are not delighted with the E-Book, simply let us know. You will receive a prompt and courteous refund. No hard feelings. And you keep your FREE bonus gifts regardless!

Lock in your risk free offer…no pressure…Free to use the two secret words for a full three months…Yes, You have 90 days to test drive it… Let it prove itself to you and your finances FIRST.




Triple Your Home Based Income

 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

90 days—at Our Risk!


Work at Home, Triple Your Income

You get this incredible wealth system—the downloadable e-book, PLUS the 4 incredible bonus offers: 1) The Master Key System - $1500, 2) Guaranteed Success Thinking! - $49 3) How To Start An Internet Home Business Guide-FTS - $87, and 4) Reduce Stress At WorK! - $12

All for $27, if you act before midnight...tonight

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Order Now, so I can include these 4 incredible bonuses valued at $1648 to help you get launched into attracting the life you dreamed of…And you keep all the free bonuses forever – even if you decide to ask for a refund later.


Abundantly Yours,

Taylore and Roi


PS: Remember, YOU can Instantly learn… how to triple your income in your home based business with no extra work and no extra investment.. Guaranteed for just $27!

PPS: Get Your Life OFF Life-Support NOW! Take Action. You can start to immediately work with your secret partner… “How to Triple Your Home Based Income” …over 80 pages of life changing tools for attracting an abundance of wealth. You truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain by… learning EXACTLY how to work with your life-long secret partner.

Let’s put it to work NOW!


Triple Your Home Based Income 2 Keysto Success

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PPPS: In just moments you can be downloading the e-book plus the four bonus gifts. (That’s five separate items—any one of them is worth well over the total asking price.) These special secrets will insure anyone’s success in a home business of their choice or any other endeavor!

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